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March 09, 2009


Lynne Lewis

Find me a child that sits down to play a game! Also tell me what's wrong with eating a sponge cake. This ad seems to be clearly directed at a middle class parental audience group. Gaming participation along with anything else that children do is about balance. It's a shame that this advert seems so intent on promoting such a negative image

Derek Robertson

Exactly Lynn.

Donadl Clark

Lovely expose. It would seem that they're lining up around the block to attack the blockheads who commissioned this nonsense. I've acknowledge you in a referenced piece in my own blog. Thanks Derek.

John Roda

The kid's clearly on the later part of a 12-hour gaming marathon stretch. Just barely holding himself up and awake because he loves playing his PS3 so much. Clearly.



The best media that works for the different PS3's I have tested (launch 60gb, 80gb, 40gb) is Verbatim. Unfortunately they do not make a 50gb BD-RE yet...but the Verbatim 25GB BD-RE have worked the best.


Yep is only an anouncement


I don't know any child who would look so bored when engrossed with a game, specially one's like PS3 or any media/computer games in particular.

And how would such a video make the campaign- "change4life" be realized?

What exactly do the department of health wanted to emphasize in this video?
Do they want to show that this games and many other forms of media/computer games are unhealthy?

well, I could agree on that, they do, and not only health but it is affecting the performance of children in school and is also the very reason I believe, on why the academic performances of schools are not good.
But, the video doesn't show that.
I think it might be negatively taken by the companies who making these stuff for kids..

or kids of all ages:)..

David Swensen

Interesting and hilarious! PS3 is all about falling of my chair, but on the second thought, perhaps it is something he brutally dislike after all - say, a game for girls?!

Karen Johnson

Is it possible he is indeed playing a game in which he's utterly absorbed? I've been fed images by magazine and TV so often I tend to have a stereotyped view myself of what emotions look like - ecstasy, love, excitement and boredom in the media are not recognised unless they are pantomime comic book expressions. But when I see some children playing a game they can be so intent on it they're in Zen zone. Any chance this boy might be in flow? Or seriously intent on his game? I suppose it depends which bit of the game he's in. Not that I wish to defend anyone who thinks games are inevitably bad.

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