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November 12, 2008



Can you please take a panoramic photograph of Ayres Rock - you are in Australia right?- so that we can package it up with a Myst resource - you know the first scene looking at the rocks and turn into the conservatory. Photosynth is pretty good and I wonder if we could synth the rock, fly over the top and down the back - you never get to go beyond the mountains with Myst. Thanks Anna.

Derek Robertson

It's a four day drive away! I had hooped to get up there but my week is packed next week so won't get a chance to se it. Maybe next time :-)


No worries! As C Dundee would have said!

Tony H

Hi Derek,

No luck on the link to LTS website. Says that the vacancy is not available. Have I missed the bus or is it still to be published?



Derek Robertson

Should be up again very soon. Problem with site currently being fixed. Closing date in Friday 21st November.

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