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November 14, 2008


Joe Wilson

We need this national infrastructure and we need it much faster than it is arriving and .. well we in SQA are just bursting to set up some qualifications developments groups and have new models for moving forward assessment

But we also need learners with their own devices connected to a network that isn't moderated by John Knox , Corporal Frazer from Dads Army and the other stereotypes that appear to be running local shops for local people. Not like this at all I know.

With laptops now costing less that some mobile phones surely teachers can bring their own into work ;-)

We need to keep Glowing and do more things too - we need a speeded up system. Glow is just start.


I have tried searching for Tom Conlan in Glow - but to no avail. Is the article based on his real experience of Glow?

jaye richards

Is the amateur chatter he refers to actually the communication, creation and collaboration between our pupils, teachers and other users ? I think it is, and it's a major strength of GLOW. In fact, it's a big part of the future of learning in this country. To trivialise it as innane and unimportant, as Conlon does is to denigrate the contribution of these voices as somehow less worthy than the so-called academic 'experts' in the TEI's. I know, as I'm sure do many others, just which has been the biggest influence on my own classroom practice, and it's not the theoretical posturings of folk who have not set foot in a classroom (in any meaningful sense)for many years...

Derek Robertson

@ Jaye the amateur chatter reference troubles me also. I'm not sure what he means by this but I'm sure he'll elaborate in his article in the Scottish Educational Review.

@ Anna maybe we should get a guest account organised.

Andy Wallis

I've read this article several times; each time I'm left feeling more and more aghast.

One thing I continually do not understand is how could £40million have been better spent on "increased adoption of "open-source" software"?! Does Mr Conlon really understand what he is commenting on?

martin brown

Derek, thanks for writing this up. I have just returned from Greenock and Glow training. What a great place.. Teachers in Inverclyde like many other LAs I have worked with over the last year, have great ideas for using Glow.
I will be working with Aberdeen University next, and hope I can be involved in Glow training for the UoE in 2009? Hopefully Tom will be there.


unfortunately tom conlon passed away, not suddenly, on christmas eve. i knew him from UofE - a great lecturer who knew his stuff

Derek Robertson

@km I heard about the passing of Tom Conlon. Sad to hear of this too although this post and the subsequemt thread is a very small example of the debate/s he engendered in the Scottish education community.

Ian Cameron

I wish Tom Conlon had experienced the wonderful work that has gone on in Dundee utilising Glow and it's potential in an educational context. Maybe his report may have been different. One Dundee teacher, a Glow pioneer, has used Glow with great success. His class (P6) were from a predominately poor economic background and not all had direct access to a PC at home. It was one of the first times he had received a 100% return on his homework. His youngsters were, off their own backs, going round to Grannies, Aunts, Libraries, Community Centers or wherevever they could access the internet. This teacher now has many others following in his footsteps. Glow is in it's infancy, but very quickly becoming a stroppy teenager. Yes I agree we should be careful not to evangelise......but neither should we spend the university trust fund before the bairn can walk....

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