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November 15, 2008


Andy Wallis

A great wee video that I showed to my S2 class the other week, to inspire them into making their own video about what learning means to them.

So simple, yet so effective.


Hi Derek, I'm very keen on using Web 2.0 tools in schools and now would love to learn more about using gaming in education. Do you know of any relevant postgrad courses out there (in Australia or overseas that could be studied online?) Hope to see you at VITTA. Thanks!

Derek Robertson

@ Judith hopefully we can have a chat about things at VITTA. I'm there for the full three days so give me a shout and we can make time to talk. Looking forward to meeting you.


Great - should be there on Monday.

John Connell

....and not a smile amongst them, Derek.....why not?

Is this the video equivalent of those teachers I used to work with who would produce the classroom wall displays themselves to better impress parents or the headteacher?

Sorry to drop in a negative note here, but this spate of 'Shift Happens'-type videos worries me a little. How authentic are they (whether or not we might agree with the messages in them)?

I'll go back to my dungeon now.... :-)


Derek Robertson

@John I noticed that too. No smiles whatsoever and I wondered about adding that to my original blogpost but decided against it. I thought that this was a weak bit of the direction of this otherwise interesting wee video. Maybe we should make a video of teachers that should be played to pupils to let them know what we want from them! ;-)

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