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October 29, 2008



Your Moshimonster is feeling 'dire' Derek. I think you need to feed it in the very near future.

Derek Robertson

He's starting to annoy me with all his demands!!! I'll give him dire, does he not know who I am? ;-)


Yes - the person who should be looking after him!! Get him fed and stop travelling all over the country. Glad to hear you made it down from the north. Think Sally is stuck in Shetland.

Derek Robertson

I have now done this and he is feeling much better.

sharon mcquillan

This site looks fab derek. Have just made a monster for Louise and we've asked your monster to be our friend! Louise'll probably want to make it more 'girly'. Can see lots of potential here! Will show it to our infant staff on next inservice day.
p.s. Our Parent Association agreed last night to give us £2000 for purcasing DSs and games. We watched videos from the Consolarium web site of you, jim and the kids - the parents were impressed.
Congrats on your award - well deserved!!

Daniel Livingstone

Thanks for the mention. As it happens, I just saw that Moshi Monsters was one of the winners in the recent (US) National Parenting Publication Awards.
Other virtual world winners include Club Penguin and Whyville (which has more explicitly educationally inspired design and content)



Here is another site like moshimonsters and webkinz:


it was really fun!

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