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October 14, 2008


Neil Winton

Congratulations, Derek! A great recognition for all the work you are doing at the Consolarium.

Kim Pericles

Congratulations on your award - you are thoroughly deserving of it. Your work out of the Consolarium is amazing and truly groundbreaking.

Alan Stewart

Well done. Really must get you into some Highland Schools.

Con Morris

Nae bad ava (as Jim Buchan would say)!

Derek Robertson

Thanks folks. I appreciate your comments.

Marie Dougan

Well done Derek!


Well done Derek - you're such a star :) Congrats from all your fans in the LTS content team.

What's next? We can hardly wait....


Congratulations for me too, I hope to get involved with 'this sort of thing' soon.

Dawn H

Congratulations on the award and also fantastic to meet you and spend the last day discussing 'gaming'.

David Gilmour

Congratulations Derek!

jaye richards

and from me also. Well done and well deserved.

Sally Fulton

Congratulations Derek - that's fab news. Your kick off presentation to the EAs which was interrupted by the fire alarm seems like such a long time ago - a lot has happened since then!

Look forward to catching up and hearing all your news soon - but well done again.


Well done Derek!

Donald Clark

Speaking to people after the conference it seems you upset some of the old research hands - the usual suspects. At last someone who does something relevant, significant and potentially far reaching in educational research. Keep up the good work.

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