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August 20, 2008


Dave Thomson

Hello Derek, long time no see!

Thought you might be interested in this event in Arbroath where an American educator who I rank as similar to A.S. Neill will be speaking. He left teaching as he claimed he no longer wanted to harm children and has since spent his time unearthing the history of schooling in the states. Taught in some of the roughest schools in NYC, so quite an interesting character.

For more see here

Ewan McIntosh

Ooh, you tease... I could've guessed that the bigger sample, rather than replicating the smaller one would probably bring to light what those of us who've played the game have discovered. Can't wait (though we'll clearly have to! :-)

jaye richards

..but in any case, small sample size can be negated by the right statistical analysis. A good anova or t-test can still give you an accurate indication of probability even in small samples (i.e. one class).
I'm looking forward to reading your research...

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