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May 26, 2008


Ewan McIntosh

...Or we lie. Funny how, for once, the roles are reversed. Normally it's the kids having to lie about their age to get in.


I'll let you know how my son gets on with the game - that's when IT allow me to download it onto my Glow laptop :-)

If it is any good its a shame its only pc based in EL we mainly have ibooks so using it within school could be an issue.

Derek Robertson

...proof of age son?

Clive Dawes

Yes, a little white lie from me too! Unfortunately, the BBC servers detected not my age but the fact I was outside the UK. So much for responsible social netwroking in a global environment. Whilst the US sites may be guilty of culturally irrlelevant ad placement on their sites (Voki), at least they let you access them.

A big thumbs down to the BBC from me.


I put in my real DOB and was told I was too old! Thought about changing the DOB but then decided against this as I had been in a school last week talking to a class about Bebo and why they should not lie about thier age on social sites etc!!

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