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March 13, 2008


John Kirriemuir

Great, excellent stuff. Been good to forward on to various people and places. Which particular cave did the media drag up this particular crop of opposing luddites from? Some of the "arguments" against were a bit desperate. To put it tactfully.

Derek Robertson

Just read everyone's else comments as I have not been near a computer since Friday! Went climbing in Arrochar on Saturday (Ben Arthur) then went to see Utd get robbed at Hampden on Sunday!!! Just back from Aberdeenshiore where I was capturing video footage for a case study about our Nintendogs project in P.2 up there. Morte great stuff to share with people...the kids were incredible, so were the teachers and the parents!!!

David Muir

I was so annoyed by your "opponent" in the second clip that Ewan posted I ended up writing a grumpy blog post:


I thought you got your points across very well despite some silliness from the presenters and the other guests.

Morag Giblin

Brilliant Derek - I'll see the students tomorrow and I hope we get a lively debate going after watching the clips on YouTube - will encourage them to join in and comment.
Thanks again for the inspiring input (especially when you were thinking about becoming a celebrity).

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