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March 21, 2008



I am totally sure that you are right Derek ... I am just curious what the definition of real impact will be and hope that it will not just be a measure of improved performance. I don't believe in the quick fix ... I think that things happen in learning over a much greater time scale than we imagine ... the impact may be years ahead and will not be down to one idea or thing or lesson or experience.

We just have to believe that what we do makes a difference ...


One of the things that I tried to stress last week was that the Consolarium's work in exploring the possible benefits of games based learning was that the Dr Kawashima intervention was just one of many applications of commercial off the shelf games that we are currently looking at. In fact, it's probably the least imaginative but nonetheless interesting. I am interested in measures of improved performance but also probably more interested in how we can enhance the learner as learner. How we can facilitate learner collaboration, how we can have a positive impact on the learners self-image as learner, how we can enthuse learners to love learning. Hopefully the short to medium to longer projects that we are doing will continue to contribute to the ongoing debate about the use of games in learning.

Stuart Lennie

My TV is still stuck on translate from Dundonian- Ready Steady Cook today consisted of a great recipe for Bridies followed by epple peh.

It always amazes me the poor counter arguments offered on such "debates". They clearly hadnt bothered to do their research and I have to say public opinion seemed to be greatly in your favour Derek.

At the end of the day we're still teaching the same outcomes, just taking different routes to get there. Keep up the good work Derek.

David Muir

Hello Derek

I too found your "opponents" failure to address the points you were making (or even to have listened to you in the first place!) frustrating. That's largely what prompted the rant in my blog.

And as for interest generated... you were spotted by at least one of the students at Jordanhill who sent a message about your appearance to the message boards later the same day. New of Ewan's YouTube postings was also shared within a few hours of his upload. And at least one of my student's is desparae to get involved with using the DS in her classroom... So at least some people are listening.

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