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March 07, 2008


Ewan McIntosh

Looking forward to seeing the playfulness and hopefully some interesting marriages of ideas tonight. And I can't think of a better boozer than the Still for doing it.


Hi Derek

Currently reading about the Gamesmeet at our ICT Conference in Kuala Lumpur. We've been discussing some aspects of games based learning this morning, mainly looking at resources which fit into the simulation area of the curriculum, Rollercoaster Tycoon, World Food Force etc.

Look forward to hearing what you got up to.

Kim Pericles

Can't wait to find out exactly what you get up to.
Sounds like a great idea: the sharing of ideas, successes and pedagogies mixed with playing the games .... and a couple of drinks too!
Perfect :)
Keep us posted, please?????

Tess Watson

Good night had by all Derek. Thanks for bringing the soft/hardware- thought you looked like a proper rock star on Guitar Hero!

I think we can now start to plan a formal advertised and documented event.

Bring on Gamesmeet 2.0!!


Ewan McIntosh

'Formal', Tess? Surely you meant informal and unorganised ;-)

Rich Olyott

Quite like to hear of games that folks have used on the Wii...

Currently have Big Brain Academy and have been looking at My Word Coach (?)... what else is out there - suitable for primary?


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