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October 23, 2007


Ewan McIntosh

We *need* photographic evidence of this get-up. What happened to getting yourself sorted out on Oxford St? I'm sure someone could have found some cash, even through PayPal, to avoid the sports jacket ;-)


We need to see these trousers Derek!!
Where are the photos? Your are always quick enough to out other people's pictures on the blog!! Did you get Vic's autograph, or was it not cool to ask for autographs?


Hold your horses...pictures of me in my full sartorial elegance will make an appearance before Xmas...2008!

As for Vic Reeves, I put some material his way but I'm holding out for Harry Hill to accept.


I feel your pain. What a difficult challenge you had... such commitment to your job, such sacrifice... any time you wish someone to help ease the burden...

Derek Robertson

Feel the pain? Are you a Dinosaur Jr. fan?

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