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June 13, 2007


Gordon McKinlay

I don't think I would describe you as a digital immigrant! After today perhaps a musical immigrant but not a digital one!!! :-D


Cheek!! Watch me rock, I'm over thirty.


Hi Derek I hope you see this. It's your work placement girl herself! Good luck with Zelda(You'll need it). But here are 10 top tips for you to remember when you are playing Zelda.
1)Scary music means one thing...Villans! So beware scary music!!
2)Nothing is as straight forward as it seems...beware the unaware!!
3)You're playing as link, a person from the Koriki forest in Hyrule...Not superman!! Remember to watch your health!!
4)Look after your horse!! and don't let your horse look after you. Your horse can get injured too so be careful!!
5)Check what the grass looks like...it has a clue to what you are calling for.
6)Walkthroughs are always at your side. If you get stuck, don't be afraid to consult one!!
7)There are no consiquences!! you're playing a game! it's not that realistic! get what you can and get out, it won't reflect on your game in the future!!
8)Navi knows best...Navi is your fairy who you might not need in Twilight Princess but who will help you in other games!!
9)Cut all grass and smash all pots and rocks possible!! you will get rewards for it!!
10)Last but not least, explore all posibilities. E.g. if there is a door and you don't have a key, see if there is a secret passageway you can get through.
I really enjoyed working with you and I hope I can again soon. Good luck with your gameing and your project, I think it is a fab idea! But don't just stick to the latest and the best! you may learn more from old games, the only way I know about Zelda is because I have played the games for the SNES, N64 and gamecube too. This has helped me and I think will help you too.
The Windwaker for gamecube is a good game to practice your Zelda skills and learn more about the story.
The Ocarina of time for the N64 is another good way to learn about Zelda. I learned all I know about Zelda from this game and I really think it will help you, concidering it is all about Hyrule, the place you will be going later on in Twilight Princess.
I will keep an open eye on your website to see how you are getting on.
Best wishes,
Lesley-Anne Logan x

Barry Howard

I've got to agree with Lesley-Anne, 'The Orarina of Time is a fantastic game. Loads of problem solving and it would be a fantastic context for shared writing. I played the N64 version, but I think they brought it out for the Gamecube as well. The Wii can play Gamecube games I think??? I think it's a shame that so many old titles on older games formats are left to gather dust, relying on bedroom coders to develop (legally questionable) emulators. There's definatly a market for them judging by all the communities on the net.

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