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January 18, 2007


Linda Park

Enjoyed you lecture today at Jordanhill. I am a bit scared of all ICT but comfortable with your ideas about gaming.Just shown your blog to my youngest son who is 11 and thinks you should be working in his school!
Thanks again.


Laura Kinley

I really enjoyed your lecture a Jordanhill this afternoon, and I am now trying to see how I can use this in the Home Economics department ? I love Myst and assosated games but havent found many to do with textiles or food......this maybe my new mission!!


Really enjoyed your presentaiotn Derek, just watched the live streaming from Jordonhill – looks like the Consolarium
Is going from strength to strength! Also thanks for posting your presentation.

David Muir

I probably should have posted the link to my post (http://edcompblog.blogspot.com/2007/01/derek-disgraces-david.html) on your visit and the address for the video stream (http://video.strath.ac.uk/07/002-07-07.wvx).

Thanks again for coming. You can see from the two student reactions above that you had a very positive impact.

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