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January 30, 2007


Bill Esdakle

Hi Derek,
I was just about to contact the US about your problem but I see that you have sorted it. Well done. What was the problem?

Hope you found today useful. Any problems, please let me know.


Derek Robertson

It's not fully working Bill. It appears that I can view the animations when I use IE as the browser but they are not showing when I use Firefox. Don't quite know what the problem is there but I'll have another look at it tomorrow.

Laura Compton

I can't view the animations on Safari or Firefox.


I know Laura. I've been on to the distributors with this fault and they have yet to get back to me. You should see them if you view them in Internet Ecplorer.
No use though really if it can't be suppoprted by the technologies, like Firefox, that people use.

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