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November 22, 2006




I'm really interested in getting a games making club up and running in my school. Game maker is blocked in here, but I still think it's a good option (if it works on these computers). However, I was wondering who else (particularly in Scotland) is doing a similar thing? Any links would be appreciated greatly.

Sorry that doesn't relate to your post - my two cents on that though:

Cent 1: Gamers will understand the link between mood and music well - it's something I'd like to try out at some point, having music "react" to parts of a lesson.

Cent 2: Battle Girl for mac was a brilliant game because it had a really loud techno soundtrack that adjusted to gameplay. Similarly, LucasArts games such as Dark Forces and Jedi Knight had Midi-based, adjusting music that would give an audible sense of danger at certain points. I don't see why the same couldn't help pupils to focus/refocus at crucial points during a task.

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