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January 24, 2010



Thanks for the mention Derek - our take on Games is that while kids learn a lot form playing the Games, we'd also like to give the the opportunity to create their own. It was great to see the work of Dan lea and others who had created games with kids as young as six during our bit of Playful Learning. I'd like to think our create a Game off was a new take on some of the gaming competitions you've been doing for ages, if you have 27 mins to spare watch my rather ropey presentation with live children over on our blog.

I'd be very interested in the reuslts of your work in Scotland on DIY.


this is an excellent blog posting and definitely draws attention to a limitation of BETT as it was this year. Commercially available games when deployed in an educationally appropriate way can be very powerful learning tools and to be honest a lot of expensive 'educational' software looks over priced and amateurish in comparison to these. I think part of the issue here is a cultural one, as many teachers and educational leaders have a knee jerk reaction to commercial computer games seeing them as not appropriate for learning or lacking the necessary vision to incorporate them into their practice. Changing this will take a lot of time, it may not even me possible, but thanks for drawing attention to this important issue.

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