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February 14, 2009


Barry Howard

Bad piece of journalism if you ask me. Seems to be trying to whip up the masses and has succeeded if you read the comments following the article. They just came across as bunch of right wing 'it was better in my day' naysayers with an axe to grind.


I have just read the article. I am shocked by its lack of research, fact and negativity. I also read some of the comments that readers have left and I am disappointed by the narrow minded views and downright hostility directed towards gbl. I honestly thought that the Scotsman was a paer that intelligent people wrote. One man actually claimed that the whole thing is "sh*%e". How very articulate. It is one of the sad facts of our careers that everyone who has been to school thinks that this gives them the right and the qualification to know how to teach and run schools.

Perhaps you should invite LIZ LONGDEN AND FIONA MACLEOD into a school which is doing a pilot, and let them see for themselves the effect gbl has on pupils' motivation, confidence and attainment. Perhaps someone should educate them as to the facts: the ludicrous sum of money they claim LTS is charging for these "discounted" consoles; the fact that schools have to spend percentages of their money on improving ICT; the developing new Scottish Curriculum and how GBL fits in with that and the fact that our Scottish schools are actually filled with some of the best teachers and resources in the world.

Okay rant over :-)


Have you seen this article?

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