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August 13, 2008



Glad to have you back Derek. Great to hear your news - now you will have to share all your 'toys'. Hope it went went in Edinburgh.
Just to say I have not used Nintendogs, but Professor Layton has been to France and Italy. I managed to complete the game and have to say I was disapointed there were no more problems to solve.

Derek Robertson

Edinburgh went very well. I'll blog about it tomorrow. Just got the girls to sleep after reading 'Would You Rather' and 'Suddenly' to them. Tell me Margaret, are you not impressed with Professor Layton ?


Yes I really enjoyed Professor Layton - my kind of game where I sit for ages trying to work out the problem - cos the game is not going to beat me! It is also good that you can revisit the problems and (try to) improve your previous scores.

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