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May 24, 2008


Ian U

I'm sure there's an Onion story somewhere about an American teen becoming world champion at GH and reflecting on how he could have learned a real guitar... In the absence of that, try: http://www.theonion.com/content/news/activision_reports_sluggish_sales
I wish I was Rivers Cuomo. Sometimes.

Ian U

...and even better, "My Name Is Jonas" is on GH III on the Wii - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jRnS_eWt5Q

Derek Robertson

Ian, I can actually play My Name is Jonas on the 'real guitar'! Love the look of Sousaphone Hero...class.


Surely the sousaphone must be an April Fool!!
Could just see a couple of people playing these in a living room. Do you think we would have the same effect with these as with guitar hero in a classroom?

Barrie Barreto

My Nephew Caelan(12) just completed GH at Expert level !!!- He is a total wizard, but I guess it took him at least 200+ hours practice to get so good. I bought him a short scale flyingV guitar (real) and a stomp box but he doesn't play it much. SO- I'm gonna buy him a short scale bass and a wee amp. Bass is easier to access and is more like GH (melodic with no chord shapes). GH is instant gratification and has a lot going for it, but it's really a memory/coordination game. I'm a good guitar player but I'm rubbish at GH. I can't help agreeing with Cuomo. The real question is how can we ween a GH addict off the plastic axe and onto a real one, this has to be looked at. My answer- play simple bass lines and jam with a drummer for fun. Start with anthems like "smoke on the water" - if you get good try "shake hands with beef" -NiRvAnA Rule!

Derek Robertson

Shake hands with beef...class.
From my point of view I'm not really using Guitar Hero to get kids into music more to get them into writing, art & design and other curricular areas. However, if it does raise interest levels in playing the guitar or bass then great. By the way Barrie, have you heard the new Weezer CD? It's superb...particularly tracks 2 & 3. I think I can do them so any chance of a jam?!

Barrie Barreto

Not heard the Weezer disk yet- too busy listening to "head' live by Prince c1981- awesome funk jam !- super rare -deleted from utube, but I have it archived. Dek-If you ever get a day off we have to get together and crank it up, i'll bring the big muff and the wah wah!

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