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May 28, 2008


Alan Y

Sanyo Betamax - you don't know how lucky you were. My father went for the Philips 2000 video recorder. Think it was delivered on its own dumper truck, still you did get 8 hour tapes but only if you took the tape out and turned it over half way though, just like cassettes. Ah those were the days, think I may still have all of the original live aid on philips tapes if only I had kept the player :>)

Barry Howard

I'm too young to remember those days but I recently mothballed my VCR and replaced it with a Humax PVR. It's the best thing since sliced bread. No more TV by appointment. Just choose the programmes I want to watch and the machine does it all for me.

Gave away all my old videos to charity except for a select few. Can't wait to show my son the original Star Wars in glorious VHS quality when he's older.

Video Game Jobs

Betamax the player a lot of people wish they had never bought. But being able to access the iplayer through your PS3 sounds great.

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