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November 15, 2007


Iain Stanger

Steve Austin the Bionic Man for the sound effects alone!

Derek Robertson

I remember the Bionic Man doll with the bionic eye! Almost as good as the Action Man with the 'gripping hands' and the 'eagle eyes'.


Was in a school this morning and someone asked me about comic software, so how good is this that you have put this on your blog today - thanks. Will show her this tomorrow.


I'm a bit troubled by the Wonder Woman admission Derek. I think that speaks volumes! ;-) Surely the winner's got to be 'The Tick'? http://www.thetick.ws/cartoons.html


AB, I know...should have kept that one quitet or maybe even should have said my favourite was the Hulk!

Stuart Lennie

It has to be Bananaman! Ever alert to the call for Action!

Im waiting for the first person that suggests SuperTed....

Sally F

agree with AB - bit concerned about your Wonderwoman admission Derek!?!

Sorry guys, but how could you beat "Mr Ben" for a superhero - and all his different characters when he came out of that room!! (anyone remember his address?!)


52 Festive Road I think. The Divine Comedy recorded a brilliant song about it.

Sally F

ha ha ha - now I really am worried about you Derek.
think all of the above contributors may enjoy this site -

now we'll find out what programmes you really enjoyed! Bet Andrew & Derek were Hong Kong Phooey fans!


Pipkins, Play Away, Mary Mungo & Midge, Fingerbobs and Noggin the Nog all still do it for me.

Stuart Lennie

And I though Sally would have been more of a SuperGran fan myself...


"...number one super guy!" It was the filing cabinet that made that ace though.

David Muir

This is tricky since I was a serious comic nerd in my teens and twenties. I'd go for either Howard the Duck (ignore the duff film and look for Steve Gerber era comics) or Marvelman/Miracleman (a seriously good series, originally re-worked by Alan Moore, that has been caught up in more legal wranglings than would seem humanly possible).

Zoe Walker

Judge Dredd. Pure and simple.
All this graphic novel talk around lately has made me dig out hundreds of comics out of my mother-in-law's loft.
Roll on the summer holidays.

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