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November 22, 2007



I expect you will be having a wonderful time. I just hope they will be able to understand Dundonian! Love the picture they have put on the ICET website of you!!!! Look forward to hearing all about the new initiatives when you return.


I felt I had to comment. That picture is something else! Quite seriously though looking forward to hearing how Singapore, in particular is realising their vision.


First Falkirk, then Stirling, now Singapore. Boy do you get around! I hope you'll be bringing back lots of good ideas and demo versions of the latest products for us!


How dare you mock my magnificent photo. I think I am smouldering and dashing on it...I'd even go as far to say that I look interesting!

Sally F

"smouldering" and "dashing" are not quite the words that came to my mind when I looked at the photo - sorry Derek!!!!

and are you going to share more about "he experienced an epiphany" - this could be interesting!!!

your conference sounds fab Derek - looking forward to hearing all about it (& piloting the goodies that you'll be bringing us back of course!!)

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