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July 06, 2007


Neil Winton

This sounds like a great (and fun) idea!

Should there be a basic spec for games/platforms to be used... and how about handhelds?

How about a specific competition (along the lines of the debating ones that my school currently takes part in) with heats leading up to a national final with some really big prizes (if we could persuade the Games companies to get involved?) Failing that, would a session at the Consolarium be seen as a suitable prize?

This has immense potential...


Couldn't agree more Neil! A visit to the Consolarium...now there's a prize worth winning!

Gordon McKinlay

This is a great idea. How do we make it work?

The Digital Drilly

Derek found this post http://kotaku.com/gaming/xbox/physical-education-final-twilight-princess-269626.php about a PE teacher in an American school setting up a gaming tournament in a PE lesson. I dont know if I am all that comfortable with the idea of these active games replacing genuine activities in a PE lesson. I would also question whether the children were being physicaly educated. However you can't argue with the fact that the pupils find them engaging and I am certainly not writing off the use of this technology. I am convinced there is a place for gaming in education and would like to explore the potential and viability of applying this within physical education. Like the idea of a gaming olympiad in schools especially if the staff could join in.

Neil Winton

@Digital Drilly: You need to try the Wii... I haven't sweated as much in years! But I agree that it should not be taking the place of PE as such...

@Derek: Are we skirting around the obvious here, ie. we are waiting for someone to say, 'OK, let's do it' and to start the organisation... if so, how much input would you be able/willing to put in? I'd certainly be willing to help out with ideas and a limited bit of time (I'm going to be very busy next year)... I can certainly write letters etc, and have some experience in participating in National school contests which gives me some ideas about what is involved...

Are we going to see if this idea has legs? If so, can I suggest that we set up a wiki to kick around ideas?

(If I'm being too pushy, please tell me to shut up!)

The Digital Drilly

Neil I have tried the wii and many other of the play station games and I dont deny you can get a physical work out from them but that is physical activity not physical education. Read a few more of my thoughts on the subject here http://drilly.wordpress.com/2007/07/07/exergaming-fad-or-fit-for-purpouse/
and here http://drilly.wordpress.com/2007/07/07/fizzees/



We started our gaming league last year in Shropshire, unfortunately the inter-schools matches didn't occur after the lead teacher in one of the two schools left. Next Tuesday I am meeting with teachers from five schools to move the league forward. We will be using xbox 360's with Live accounts so will play games at each others schools and online.

If you would like to have a few cross border games via xbox live get in touch and we can decide on titles etc.


Derek Robertson

Thannks for that. I was searching your blog for info on your school leahue as I knew you were doing it. Will give you a bell to pick your brains. Cross border challenge sounds great..then Europe then World schools championship!

Let's make this happen...will be in touch to discuss how to take it forward. I'm thinking start small then grow, at the moment, but am open to ideas.

Don't ever think games can replace the real thin in terms of exercise but my interest lies in getting active participation from players in games where there may not be any exercise in its 'real' sense ie, dance mats for girls. Although Wii tennis is something once you reach pro-level (he says smugly).

Neil Winton

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! I've got a few ideas that might just bring a smile to your face. And I'll even throw in a Joni Mitchell lesson for free!

r4 sdhc


Nice article......Its really wonderful idea, everyone can try out ......

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