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June 06, 2007


Kim Pericles

Thanks for this Derek, it will be really useful to pick up and run with a particular game that suits now that you've done the "hard" work of playing them all! ;)

Just a quick question - how easy is it to play the same game over and over again? Do you have to keep going through a main menu (which is time consuming and a bit frustrating!).


It's not that easy Kim. What you can do is make a custom game but select the same game 5 times. Try this to see if it works.

Margaret Cassidy

Thanks for this Derek. We are just about to give this to a school and I was going to go through the games over the holidays - you have saved me having to do this - or maybe I really wanted an excuse to play all the game!! I did have reservations about some of the games, but one of the objectives of giving it out to a school was to have older children evaluate the games too, to see if they thought them suitable for younger children.

Kim Pericles

Thanks, will give it a go :)

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