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May 13, 2007


Ewan McIntosh

The same lax writing in Metro, too, where the true story comes out in the last para, in about a dozen words, compared to the 250/300 word story. It's what the news editor would call "a good story" - provided we leave the actual truth to the very end. :-(

Not all journos are like this, though. Some are really keen to get it right, especially those in the educational press in Scotland.

alan y

now if they could get it to swear in Dundonian................

erwan Ansquer

As I told you recently, I have been quite keen to play Hotel Dusk on Nintendo DS in the Foreign language and after talks with other colleagues, I am now planning to start in a few weeks time with my Spanish Higher class. keep in touch if you are interested to know more about the experiment.

Karen Robertson

Typical sensationalism - but a lesson for us all not to take things on face value!

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