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December 06, 2006



Count me in for Glasgow, Slash!


What about the 16th? I think I can make it through for that date.

David Muir

Can't make the 16th (Sunday School Christmas party!) and in theory doing Christmas shopping on the 9th... but I might be able to sneak off to Debenhams. :-) No indication of times. Do you think they are there all day.

As a complete Guitar Hero novice though, am I likely to get into double figures? What can I do to practice? Is the eye-toy guitar game close enough?


Eye Toy game is not in the ball park David. Think hand held dance mat and this is a start. Don't know about times either but will try to find out.

David Muir

Veni, Vidi, Vai
I came, I saw, I played Guitar Hero.

Grief! It's a lot harder than it looks. :-) I of course went straight for YYZ which is a good bit down the list in the "Furious Fretwork" section (I think) - I hope being that far down means that it's supposed to be difficult.

I had a go at the easy level first and managed to get just under 35,000 on my first go which put me in third place on the scoreboard. Flushed with success, I had a go at the medium level and crashed out at about 32% mark! At that point I handed my axe over to some of the smirking teenagers who were mocking me as I played.

I feel some sort of instructions would have been handy. For instance, what is the difference between the round icons and the star icons? And what do you use the tremolo arm for?

Great fun. I dragged daughter number 2 (the aspiring guitarist) up to see it. I was vaguely relieved to see that she crashed out of Sweet Child O' Mine about the 30% mark. Competitive dad syndrome! :-)

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