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December 02, 2006


Gordon McKinlay

Thanks a lot for the PowerPoint file. Having won a game of Buzz I am feeling fully convinced of the benefits of games in learning. Thanks for the presentation yesterday. It was great. I am really keen to follow up on this stuff with you. I think I can feel a trip to Dundee in order!


Get in contact Gordon. I'd be delighted to show you some of the games and to discuss how you might want to get involved.

Kim Pericles

Thanks for sharing your PowerPoint. I really loved your thoughts on "Why do games engage us?" you have really got it in a nutshell - i can see my kids engagement in games for many of those exact reasons. Using games in education is such a natural fit - definitely the way to go! One more thank you, Tim Rylands sounds amazing!

John Connell

Don't tell him, but I've just bought Guitar Hero for my son for his Christmas - shhhhhh!!!

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